Please read the terms and conditionsgiven below carefully before ordering from this website.

            If ordering here then we understandyou fully agree to these terms and conditions.


            Christel mart is the emergingonline food and other products ordering site. It connects people with the bestrestaurants and shops all around the city. We provide convenience for thecustomers easily places the order with simple clicks.

Websiteaddress -  https://www.christelmart.com


Its only ordering website. Any problems in food or deliveryits between you and participating restaurants only.

            Before ordering the food providesyour clear information about delivery address. If you provide the credit cardsand debit cards request you to maintain the fund.

            May some foods is not suitable forsome ages so before you ordering select the correct items.  We are not responsibility for any allergiesor etc...By choosing the incorrect food.

            Don’t share your password to anyonefor security purpose. We keep your information safely but sometimesunauthorized persons will take the information’s it’s not our mistake so we arenot responsibility to this.

            When you ordering the products thattime you received the conformation mail if you see any changes in the mailsuddenly call the corresponding restaurants or shops.

            They will inform you if any problemsmade in delivery or preparing a food or products through a call or message.

              Your ordering things will be delivered by our christelmar delivery boy or those corresponding hotel’s boys separately because of you ordering more things also food items from different shops and hotels.       

               They will inform you when yourordering things or food not available in that shop or hotel at that time u willsupposed to select other things whatever u want.

               Deliveries hotels or shops havefull rights to stop the delivery of last minute when made any problems.

              If the price list will changeafter your ordering we will inform you so u can change those items or buy thesame its your wish.

             We have online payment and COD isalso available. When you pay through your credit or debit card please becareful in your password. Because some unauthorized people may track easilyyour details so you ask the security purpose to your corresponding companieswhere you got the cards.


            Whenever the government changes the taxesapplied the items at that time we all are applied the changes it’s notdepending us. So we are not take any responsible to those things.


            The corresponding hotels or shopswanted to deliver the items to your correct place so please enter your correctdelivery address. If any delays in delivery because of your incorrect addressit’s fully your responsibility only. 

             Here mentioned the delivery timeis approximate only .it will be take some extra time or within a time it’s upto the travelling area and traffics etc..

             Corresponding hotels and restaurantsonly have full responsibility to late delivery. If u need any help from us justcall to inform us. We help for the quick delivery.

             Suppose you absent in thatdelivery place when they come to deliver the things its also yourresponsibility. They won’t refund.

            We are not responsibility for anydamages are in the delivered things or any problems made by food.

           They inform you,  If they can’t delivery within a time what they specified to where you need.  We are not responsibility for the damages, cost,delivery charges and late delivery.

            Please note it. If you ordered fromunavailable service location then the restaurant will inform you after that youwill decide to cancel or to give any alternative delivery address.




         All prices are in India rupees, GSTincluded.

         Terms and conditions will vary at anytime by us without any notification.

         You have to made payment when orderingfood or at the time of delivery otherwise the cancellation will be made.

         Please don’t gather any information’s,data , news from this website.

         We bonded by using this terms andconditions and we both will move smoothly, if any problems or misbehaving occurthen will take actions to control under this terms and conditions.

          When you booked the order the confirmatione-mail will receive you by us. If u didn’t receive any mail you will contact usthrough helpdesk@christelmart.com.

          The product’s delivery cost based oncorresponding hotels and shops also GST including.

          Any time the GST will varied so theprices also will vary at the time we noticed in site so please read carefully.

          Our website doesn’t accept anyresponsibility for all the charges applied from hotels and shop.







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