We suppose cancelled the contract for anyreasons it may be a reason of product unavailable. We inform you and alsoreturn your payment what you have made or you choose other products.

             We will repay your amount forcancellation within 14 days, if the restaurant accepts your cancellation only.

            It may happen the restaurant or shops will deliver the wrong items that time you have rights to cancel the food or products and they refund your amount or may you compromise with them, it’s your wish .It’s between you and the corresponding hotels or shops deal. We are not responsible for wrong delivery.


         We put more care to display theinformation’s on this website without error. Unlikely any wrong information’sis there, we apologize for that. And we will correct the mistakes soon.

         We are not guarantee for the mistakesin the website like viruses or error free etc..

         Foods and products ordered by us onlybut the preparations not for us. So any problems made that and it causes deathor any injury or any losses to you it’s not because of us .so we can’t acceptany responsible to this.

         We won’t take any responsibilities tothose things like your mobile error, loss of transmitted information’s, anydelays, viruses etc.

          More customers will select one itemat the same time so that time it will inform you that the things are notavailable and you prefer to select another items.

         We take more care to prevent yourstorage of details. Apart from that unauthorized persons may read from oursystems or from the hotels and shops so sorry we can’t held any liable to this.

          Christelmart have full rights to withdrawn its offers without inform you.

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